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The challenge was to drive brand affinity for Southwest Airlines® and Coca-Cola by bringing people together through music, sharing and travel.

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Leveraging the summer travel period and the Coca-Cola “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign, Nonstop Music Moments was born. We placed kiosks in four Southwest® terminals that connected travelers in one airport to travelers in another, via live video. Travelers were asked to make a “music connection” with the person looking back at them, once a connection was created (both of their first concerts were Britney Spears, both played trumpet in their high school band, etc.) a high-five on the screen would dispense a cool Coca-Cola.

Nonstop Music Moments reached far beyond airport terminals with print and digital elements that lead to a microsite. On the site, visitors were able to share a music moment for a chance to win rocking prizes or take a Buzzfeed-style-quiz to determine what type of “music moment” they identify with.

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