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On the heels of their recent brand relaunch, Southwest Airlines® turned to 206 to refresh their touring experiential program, that we rebranded the Southwest® Porch, in support of their bold, new brand positioning.

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We completely redesigned and reprogrammed the existing Southwest® mobile pod by giving it a facelift, and adding new, fun activities to draw people in and show them some Southwest® hospitality. The new design elevates the brand to a more premium space, creating an engaging oasis from the heat and crowds at festivals and consumer events around the country.

In its first run, the Southwest® Porch attended 9 events over 20 days, where over 2M impressions were made. Currently, the Southwest® Porch rolls on in its 2016 tour, where we are making continual optimizations. Flexibility in our design has allowed us to tailor the Porch experience to each event, creating authentic, meaningful experiences.

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