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As part of a branding initiative, we pitched Kindle the idea of, a place to visit to see content about all things reading! The idea stuck and Kindle asked us to create, from scratch, a content platform that would be populated with stories that would resonate with their core demographic: passionate readers.

From that came The Story.

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At it’s core, The Story, serves a business purpose: it is designed to reach customers on an emotional level to create a deeper bond between them and the Kindle brand; but our main focus is to craft stories that we know readers will love.

Some past stories include interviews with big name authors, like Marcia Clark and Michael Connolly as well as self-published authors from the Kindle Direct Publishing family. We’ve even interviewed Downton Abbey creator, Jullian Fellowes, as he launched a new series based on a book by Anthony Trollope.

It wasn’t just all fun and games and nerding-out on our love of reading, we also needed to create a content deployment plan that included: a newsletter sent via email, a website to house the content, and repackaging content for social channels. Today, a new issues of The Story is published each month, reaches over 150k readers, and creates a deeper bond between the passionate reader and the Kindle brand.

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